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Dell Server

Introducing the 12th generation of Dell™ PowerEdge™servers—Innovations to propel your business success


Automate workload management, empower productivity and maximize efficiency


Today’s IT landscape is changing– constantly and at breakneck speed. Your business is under relentless pressure to keep pace with these vast changes in technology, delivering new services, better performance and skillful management in an increasingly complex environment


What’s driving this change?


A few factors, but at the forefront are virtualization, cloud computing and mobility, all bringing powerful new business capabilities and opportunity. At the same time, these systems further complicate a scene where business infrastructures are already taxed by an array of disparate operating systems, storage solutions, network resources and mobile consumer devices. Complexity is definitely the new normal.


Thankfully, with the next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, you can spend more time innovating and less worrying.

The reliable performance of the 12thgeneration Dell PowerEdge servers let you.


The Computer Systems on this page are special configuration, but you have the option to customize any of these systems to meet your special business need.






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